Yadek - Believe In Me (Llupa's Dogmatic Remix)

Ego Shot Records 010 - Yadek - Believe In Me
- Yadek - Believe In Me
- Yadek - Believe In Me (Llupa's Dogmatic Remix)
- Yadek - Believe In Me (Retroid Remix)
- Yadek - Believe In Me (Krum Remix)

To follow the great success that Dusted Breaks & Kraymon shared with 'Trouble In My head' back in January, we bring you a real "Hands In The Air" Summertime release, which has already had plays all over festival land by some of the worlds best!

The Original and the Llupa Remix are very much of a progressive nature but Prato goes for a more in your face approach, while Fog pulls off a full on badass dubstep remix full of filth and fury!!


Stefan Anion - Llupa's Remix for me

Style Clash (Elfsong) - The Llupa remix is a monster, full support!

Ian / Daniella Downs - llupa mix definitely. that will fit in exactly with what i play.

KULTUR - My favourite is the progressive LLupa remix, But the Original Mix and the Retroid Remix are also cool. I will support these 3 mixes in my Kultura Breakz show Dub Elements - nice pack ! original rmx is our fav, lovin' the oldskool vibes ... solid release

Bill Vega - Retroid remix for me

Home Alone - Awesome release i'd say, very hard to pick a favourite one, they all are big mixes and superb productions. Maybe Llupa's remix is a hair ahead but i'm really loving the whole here.

Line of Sight - Retroid and Llupa's remixes are just fantastic - I will play both of them!

Lee Martin - I think the 'Retroid' remix would fit better in my sets and will show my support for this one but i will also play the 'Llupa' remix too!

Kickflip - Retroid's adds his trademark progressive sound resulting in a tidy more chilled affair. Llupa's rework is cool on a deeper tip and Krum's remix isn't too shabby either. Pick of the bunch though is Yadek's rolling breakbeat original.

Lunarshift - We prefer the Krum mix, nice strong percussion with a driving bassline!

Breakonomics - Original is a big growling monster with chunky breaks. Top stuff. Defintitely supporting this end!

James Warren - Solid package here. Liking the dark b'line of the original, the groove of the Llupa and the extra melodic content and emotion of the Retroid.

Inconspicuous Villain - I have no idea which one i like best the whole release is sick!!!

Curl & Dean - Really like the power of the original of this tune, nice and driving all the way to the end. Really feeling the Retroid remix, smooth but still keeping it hard. Llupa remix as always deep & melodic that always takes you on a journey.Krum remix is ok but the weaker of the pack.

Duane Barry - This really is a fantastic package - all 4 mixes are awesome and I'm going to play each one! Impossible to pick a favourite!

Yreane - Not so strong original for me. But I love all remixes. Fav track - Llupa.

Hexadecimal - I like the original mix

Yadek - Believe In Me (Llupa's Dogmatic Remix) PREVIEW by Llupa

Yadek - Believe In Me (Original Mix) by Ego Shot Recordings

Yadek - Believe In Me (Retroid Remix) by Ego Shot Recordings

Yadek - Believe In Me (Krum Remix) by Ego Shot Recordings

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Beatport - https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/239129/Belive%20In%20Me

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