Abdomen Burst - Sakkura (Llupa's In Bloom Remix)

RUNE Recordings 009 - Abdomen Burst - Sakkura
- Abdomen Burst - Sakkura
- Abdomen Burst - Sakkura (Affective Remix)
- Abdomen Burst - Sakkura (Dmitry Bessonov Remix)
- Abdomen Burst - Sakkura (Llupa's In Bloom Remix)
- Abdomen Burst - Sakkura (Negative Neutron Remix)
- Abdomen Burst - Sakkura (Royal Sapien Remix)
- Abdomen Burst - Sakkura (Nelver Remix)
- Abdomen Burst - Sakkura (Parallax Breakz atmospheric d'n'b Remix)

"Its fragrance is making you drunk.
Its whiteness is pleasing your eyes…
The Sakura is flourishing." © Yuri Yurkiy, 2007

The conclusion of the 6 months activity of RUNE recordings is done by a last in the year 2010 release of the label «RUNE009: Abdomen Burst – Sakkura». Despite the cold mood of the nature, our souls are flourishing as they are listening to a really spring music! A foreword about the Japanese tree comes off the lips of the master of emotions Abdomen Burst. The unique composition depicts the sakura’s winter dream and its inevitable bright bloom.

A remix from a young Russian producer Affective clearly underlines the joyful mood because of the sakura’s blossom and is able to greatly «set in flames» any dance floor.

A lyrical remix by Dmitry Bessonov can take your breath away by its very sincerity of feelings, worlds are unnecessary there.

Llupa has illuminated Sakkura by his stylish sounding, thus the remix by Tom is immensely tender and traditionally heartfelt.

A British author Negative Neutron has exposed the drama of the sakura which is missing spring. The work of Colin is filled with emotional experience, hope and expectation of “blossoming days”.

A feeling of complete admiration is gripping you while listening to the remix Royal Sapien. «Reprise» of Ben is about the revelation of feelings attributed to this Japanese tree.


Kultur (iBreaksFunk / Metemorph Muzik) - Favourite Track : ABDOMEN BURST : Sakkura (LLUPA's in bloom remix) Rating: 4/5
Comments: Superb release from Rune records. The LLupa remix is our favourite... Powerful ! Beautiful ! Progressive ! We also include the original mix, the Nelver remix and the Dmitry Bessonov remix in our bag. Support from our Metamorph Masterpieces show (Mixcloud) in the next weeks and also in our live sets.

Far Too Loud (Funkatech / Broken Robot) - Thanks. The original track is really a work of art...so deep! Nice set of remixes too. My only criticism with this release is that I think all the breaks mixes are too similar in style which in a way detracts from the original. I'd like to have heard more variation in style from them, really trying to aim to a wider audience.

Duane Barry (Digital Sensation UK): - This whole release is amazing and your best so far I think! I love all the remixes, great producers all round. If I had to pick a favourite I would go with Dmitry's remix and I really love the slower vibe of the Negative Neutron remix too. Great release to finish the year with guys, I wish you a successful 2011!

Line of Sight (Scarcity / Flextone) - Thanks for sending this my way! Brilliant tune by Abdomen Burst and fantastic remixes too! I've played the tunes a few times and I really couldn't pick a favorite... but this is no doubt one of my favorite releases of the year! 10/10

UnderThis (iBreaks, DS UK) - Absolutely wonderful package! All the tracks are impressive and delightful. Solid release indeed. Best here in our opinion is Affective`s remix. Top work! Thanks!

Yanix (Ridiculoud) - I really like the original mix I heard on soundcloud, but i don't see it in this promo pack, unless I'm blind. It's a very cool, relaxing track - love that stuff, and I'm a big fan of Abdomen Burst's work. For the remixes, each one has a nice flavor, particularly the Royal Sapien and Llupa mixes, but my pick is the Affective Remix for it's squelchy synths and rugged beats. Very nice package!"

The Scientifics (VIM) - Thanks a lot for the new single. Pure beauty all over it. Original, Llupa's and Parallax Breakz atmospheric d n' b remix are my favorites... I'll chart this for sure...

Curl & Dean (Scarcity) - Original: I have really been checking out Abdomen Burst alot, really like there style, always real nice chilled breaks to lift the mood, and this release dont dissapoint at all, again blissed out soulful breaks that take you on a sweet ride of emotions.
Dmitry Bessonov: A nice lift on the original, still keeping that emotion but lifting it with more upbeat beats & synths, nice.
Affective: Some nice edit control rolling in this, fresh groove on the bass, sweeet.
Llupa's remix: Yep the Llupaster takes it up a notch, a real builder as he know how, sweet sunshine strings, loving this remix.
Negative Neutron: nice chilled out variation, this one is for the ipod when i hit the beach and what to lose myself in 8mins of Heat.
Royal Sapien: This is ok, but not my favourite remix out the swarm of mixes.
Nelver: Oh yes, big smile remix, loving this, it might have even pipped it for me at this poiint, cinematic flavour's pouring out all over this feel good gem, diggin this in a big way, quality.
Parallax Breakz: Looking Good, real nice to hear Parallax do some Drum&Bass, has that Bukem feel all over it, wicked to have a drum & bass mix in the pack, feeling this.

Shizzle dizzle fizzle wizzle, there is so much goodness in this package, and to be honest i would play all these, i think my fav's at the moment onfirst few listens is Nelver & Llupa's remix's, but thats not saying the other are not great, wicked stuff from Rune again.

Andy Faze (First Stage / V.I.M.) - Wow - massive release I love all the tracks and I really cant pick a favourite - quality sounds from RUNE! Full support in my shows.

Abdomen Burst - Sakkura (Llupa's In Bloom remix) PREVIEW by Llupa

RUNE009: Abdomen Burst - Sakkura [PREVIEW] by RUNE Recordings

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