Parallax Breakz - Shadow (Llupa's Me And My Remix)

RUNE Recordings 002 - Parallax Breakz - Shadow
- Parallax Breakz - Shadow
- Parallax Breakz - Shadow (Llupa's Me And My Remix)
- Parallax Breakz - Shadow (Affective Remix)

"Light is created for us to see; darkness - for us to feel." (Dmitry Shatskikh)

Second release of RUNE recordings «RUNE002BLACK: Parallax Breakz - Shadow» is a RUNE BLACK series part, with the agressive sounding and dance-oriented.

The original one «Shadow» is the masculine pivot, power and energy, expressed by psychedelic temperament of Parallax Breakz.

Remix by a young Russian talent Affective blows one's streight gait, and sounds fashionly and mightily.

A "re-work" by Llupa dives you into the deepness of the breaks-music, keeping along a dance mood of «Shadow».

Brilliance of the musicians, who had worked out this release, encourages to appreciate the RUNE serious essence, and «Shadow» - to sense, to find out the label's main point.


Andrey Mute (Access Denied, iBreaks / Broken Robot) - I was impressed by Parallax Breakz - Shadow (Affective remix) - 3/5... Now i love such bass as in this remix! I will play it with pleasure in my sets! Thanks.

Duane Barry (Digital Sensation UK) - Fantastic release really looking forward to hearing everything this label has to offer - I'm a fan of all 3 producers on the package and will support each one!

Retroid (Morphosis, Ego Shot) - Affective remix is cool and I also like the Llupa remix, it's nice deep tune.

DJ Faze (First Stage, V.I.M.) - Shadow - I love the original, nice and dark : ) Llupa's mix is cool too - proper deep, loving the acid too.
The Affective remix is my favourite though - Wickedly dark and banging with a dubstep feel! I will support in my up-coming radio shows and guest mixes.

BoBa (Curl & Dean, iBreaks radio) -
Parallax Breakz - Shadow : Whorrrr love this, deepness all over this, love the way that kick bass booms of the drums, this just flows through my speakers, epic & rolling, perfect 9/10
Parallax Breakz - Shadow (Affective remix) : Yeah this is a nice alternative in the pack but not feeling this over the Llupa remix.
Parallax Breakz - Shadow (Llupa's Me and My remix) : Yeah man, this is freshness, bouncing off the drumz, quality remix here from Llupa, has a real flow to it until the very end 9/10
Full support from me on the original & Llupa remix.

Ilya Mosolov (Mistique Music / RUNE) - Shadow Affective remix absolutely incredible! Very cool!

Abdomen Burst (Solaris / Proton Music) - Really great release... it's difficult to choose... All tracks made in different styles and it well to any mood.

Sparkless - Here is a new line, breaking to more hard sound. I admitted for myself a simple prog remix by Llupa, all there is balanced, moderately progressive, moderately dynamic, moderately agressive. Remix by Affective made me upset - many effects, lack of content, as for me, not very understandable

Parallax Breakz - Shadow (Llupa's Me And My Remix) PREVIEW by Llupa

RUNE002BLACK: Parallax Breakz - Shadow by RUNE Recordings

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