FREE DOWNLOAD Llupa - Fully Booked (iBreaks)

Free track: Llupa - Fully Booked (iBreaks 10 year anniversary Compilation)

so damn happy to be a part of this - massive respect to Jay - 10 years of anything is impressive, but 10 years of a breakbeat label that is relentless putting our quality - the dude is a legend....

grab the rest of the EP here: soundcloud.com/ibre…/…/ibreaks-10th-anniversary-free-release

iBreaks are proud to announce a free 5-track EP! In celebration of our 10th year of bringing you the biggest beats in Breaks, we’re giving a little something back to our loyal followers.

First up is “Like This” from the man of many sounds Colombo. The beats are crisp and rolling, there’s a dash of rave with some classic stabs, and plenty of warped bass to make the system rumble.

Llupa’s “Fully Booked” follows with it’s low slung bass, nuskool synth stabs and spoken word samples, creating a deep yet driving yet groove that’ll gets butts moving.

DiiSTORTiiON takes on Pretty Lights’ “Around The Block” in a downtempo, high energy remix that’s perfect for early doors sets and house parties alike. A must have tune!

Bringing the tempo back up is Sunsha with “Are You Ready”. This tune has a serious groove with complementing plump beats and throbbing bass - a perfect peak time banger with that extra something special.
Rounding out this special freebie pack are Under This with their epic vocal banger “Out Of Time”. As always, Under This bring grit, energy and melody in equal measures, making this an ideal closer.


Breakbeat Conference - Llupa Guest Mix - 09/03/14

This is a Guest Mix I did for Radio 1 Praha's show Breakbeat Conference that was aired on the 9th of March 2014. I'm a big fan of the show so it was cool to do a mix for them. I really tried to do something a little special so this is a mix of new stuff and some older fave tunes of mine. Managed to squeeze quite a bit into the hour.. ;) I hope you enjoy it.

Archive - Roughly 1 hour @ 320 Kbps 145MB
Direct Download - Breakbeat Conference - Llupa Guest Mix - 09/03/14
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You can check out the entire show here: Breakbeat-conference-r1 – Bbc-2014-03-09

If you're not familiar with the Breakbeat Conference show I encourage you to check it out:

Radio Show by breakbeat.cz (DJ's Kaplick & Saku) @ Radio 1 Czech Republic


Llupa's exclusive mix for Breakbeat Conference

01. Morepop - Sunny Day [LW Recordings]
02. Raico - Body & Move (Largo Tremolo Remix) [SoHo Beats Recordings]
03. Metha - Monster [VIM Special Edition]
03a. X-Press 2 - Smoke Machine (Koma & Bones Remix) [Skint Records]
04. Tee-Ex - Wonder [Morphosis Limited]
05. Phase Animator - Nyota (Llupa's Uhura Remix) [Box Set Records]
06. Ronin8 - Moon Breath (The Lucky 23 Remix) [VIM Records]
06a. Dopamine & Diverted - Only One (Blim Remix) [Diverted Traffic]
07. Dan F - Interceptor [Disuye Records]
08. Fletric - Find The Light (Bad Tango Remix) [Logariddim Records]
08a. Youthful Implants vs. Tigerfunk - Heatseeker (Robosapiens Remix)[Dead Famous Records]
09. Freerange DJs - You Won't Find Me (Beta Remix) [AUX]
10. Force Mass Motion - Out Of It [LOT49]
11. Grove - Hit The Ground [Scarcity Records]
12. Motna - Time (Big Mistake Remix) [Sub Element Recordings]
13. Blanilla - Escape Your Fears (Rcaine Remix) [VIM Records]
14. Darlyn Vlys - Floor 122 (Sante + Sidney Charles Warehouse Dub) [Avotre]
15. Isolate - Cone Storm (Karl Sav Remix) [In Bloom Recordings]
16. Evil Nine - Golden Throne [CDR]
17. Evil Nine - Crooked (Bassbin Twins Mix) [Marine Parade]
18. Lee Coombs - Lilly In The Sky [LOT49]
19. UNKLE - Reign (False Prophet Remix) [Global Underground]

Archive - Roughly 1 hour @ 320 Kbps 145MB
Direct Download - Breakbeat Conference - Llupa Guest Mix - 09/03/14
Podcast - Disc Breaks Podcast

Nyota (Llupa's Uhura Remix)

Loved doing this one as the original had some really great parts - respect to the Phase Animators guys. This time it's a deep grooving remix of Phase Animator's wicked track Nyota. Big shout to the guys for the invite on this as the parts were great, respect to other remixers too, great to be a part of this - enjoy!

Fresh from forays into deep space, alien life forms arise in the form of Dirt Revolver, A:B:S, Beatslappaz and Llupa... each with their own unique twist on the original Phase Animator burner.

Swirling, throbbing, insistent, and downright groovy this quartet of monsters will twist you and build you to your electrified peak time!

Phase Animator - Nyota (Llupa's Uhura Remix) [Box Set Records]

Release Date (Beatport Exclusive): Tuesday 4th March 2014
Release Date (All other stores): Tuesday 18th March 2014

Track listing
• Phase Animator – Nyota – Dirt Revolver Remix
• Phase Animator – Nyota – A:B:S Remix
• Phase Animator – Nyota – Beatslappaz Remix
• Phase Animator – Nyota – Llupa’s Uhura Remix


DBS - Over 100 Guest Mixes!

I was uploading the DBS archive as usual and then realised that I've had over 100 (116 to date) guest mixes featured on the Disc Breaks Show since the first in October 2008! It's been great to have been able to give back to the scene a little and help these artists - and record labels - get their music out to more people. Big respect to the all the artists that have pulled together a mix, it's interesting to go back over the older ones and see how they have evolved.

Direct Download - Disc Breaks with Llupa - All the Guest mixes

Some Special ones for me were:
DBS051: Neztic - Manuel helped me massively when I was just getting my head around producing and released my first ever sinlges, so it was get to be able to feature him and his execellent label Sango Music
DBS064: Retroid - I have so much respect for the man so was stoked to have him on one of the first guest mixes.
DBS090: Scarcity Records - I'd gotten to know Mesmer so when he said he was launching a new label called Scarcity Records, I suggested we did a special launch show and this was it. he basically send me all the tunes the label had signed about 2 hours before the show so it was a little hectic ;) great to see the label still going strong - much respect to the man.
DBS095: Kultur & Colombo - Little did we know the massive talent that Colombo would come, this was a great mix and you can hear his now familiar sound starting to develop.
DBS159: VIM Records - This show was to celebrates the labels 100th release. This and it's sister labels have just kept growing in strength all down to the vision and drive of one man: Grigorios Savvidis - respect!
DBS264: Resonant Status, DBS270: Ronin8, DBS272 Grove - all of these show featured artists releasing a quality full length album a trend I hope to see more of in 2014
DBS268: Sound Of Habib - Sound Of Habib turned 15 and I was so happy when Johan SOH agreed to do not just a 1 hour, but a 2 hour guest mix showcasing the these 15 years. SOH was a label that helped shape my sound so I was truly honoured to be able to showcase this massive milestone.

Here is a list of all the guest mixes that have featured - in chronological order - since the first back in October 2008:

The Peepshow Ownerz
The Scientifics
Llupa vs DJ Marty B vs Youthful Implants
Peter Paul @ Glade
Llupa vs Flip vs Citizen.com
Perpetual Present
Scarcity Records
Line Of Sight
Kultur & Colombo
Duane Barry
The BPM Crew
Parallax Breakz
Roma Khanov
Triple Agent
Abdomen Burst
Quadrat Beat
Stylus Rex
Ritmic Records
Rick Tedesco
Andy Faze
Peter Paul & Frank Lozano
VIM Records
Home Alone
Ego Shot Records
Logariddim Records
James Warren
Tom Clyde
Cage Page
Diablo Loco Records
Breaks.sk Records
Choc St. Clair
Karl Sav
Fisso & Spark
The Lucky 23
Will Marshall
In Bloom Recordings
James Brooke
Aeron Aether
Maxim Hix
Andrew Philippov
Freak Da Bass
Andy Faze & AP3X
Fisso & Spark
Triple Agent
Resonant Status
Unconscious Mind(s)
Expand Records
Digital Department
Xen Ochren
Kostas G
Deeply Unexpected
Rick Tedesco
The Fixionist
Half Space
Pio Beat
Resonant Status
Criminal Disco
Steve Maccabe
Sound Of Habib Records
Chris Voro
Dirt Revolver


Disc Breaks with Llupa 'Best of 2013' - 274 - 26th December 2013

As it's the last DBS for the year I thought I'd do a special 3 hour 'Best of 2013' show! So much great music and I thoroughly enjoyed playing this one... Wish I'd thought of it a little earlier in the day as there has been so much amazing music this year that it was damn hard to even shortlist what to play. I think what stands out is the quality of the tunes that didn't make it in the show - this only highlights how great a year it has been for the deeper breakbeats - might have to do a Part 2 ;)

massive respect to all the labels and artists that have made this year so, so good. Special mention goes out to Greg at VIM as the output and quality of his labels is tireless - massive respect mate!

Archive - Roughly 2 hours, 248MB
Direct Download - Disc Breaks with Llupa 'Best of 2013' - 274 - 26th December 2013
Podcast - Disc Breaks Podcast

01. Abdomen Burst - Shine (Turtlesquad Remix) [Scarcity Records]
02. Eric Rigo, Cara Leigh - Long Drive Feat. Cara Leigh (Omauha Remix) [Morphosis Records]
03. A.Eryomin - I Saw Something (Atrium Sun Remix) [Emotional Noise]
04. Tee-Ex - Indestructable [Morphosis Limted]
05. Elite Force - Stay With Me [U&A Recordings]
06. Metha - Rise [VIM Records]
07. The Fixionist - Pho Li Ho Mist [Break Wind Productions]
08. Mokwah - Ionosphere (Skaarj Remix) [VIM Records]
09. StudioSnap - Mirage [Exia Recordings]
10. Max Hertzz - Dark London (Dallean Remix) [VIM Special Edition]
11. Alexey Sonar - All Again (MDK Remix) [Intricate Records]
12. Karl Sav - Blue [Scarcity Records]
13. Michael McNabb - Ready, Set, Groove [M-Toxin Recordings]
14. Beta - Bounce This [Bombtraxx Records]
15. MKR - Delirious (Kwerk Remix) [Benefit Records]
16. Dirt Revolver - Filter Face [Diablo Loco Records]
17. Junction8 - Bad Habit [Bombtraxx Records]
18. Ronin8 & Repitch - Crazy Game (Criminal Disco Remix) [VIM Records]
19. Bad Taste - You Rip (Lain Christoph Remix) [Scarcity Records]
20. Kidd Linus - Party People (Beta Remix) [Sound Of Habib]
21. Llupa - Ignition [iBreaks]
22. Dave London - Black Disc (BreaksMafia Remix) [Yes Mate Recordings]
23. Mesmer - DIY (Doing It Yeah) [Scarcity Records]
24. Vandal - Vision In Leather (Fisso & Spark Remix) [Benefit Recordings]
25. Colombo - Bluish [iBreaks]
26. Aural Abuse - Cosmic Arch (Kostas G Remix) [VIM Records]
27. Downgroove - Puedo Sentirlo (Llupa's Rolling Thunder Remix) [Ellipitcal Sun Records]
28. Guau - Busy [Electroshok Records]
29. HardNoise - Feeling This [RUNE Black]
30. Stake - Morgana [Runwest Records]
31. Resonant Status - Get It Straight [Audio Theory Records]
32. Pio Beat & Stake & Freak Da Bass - Dead Cat (Opotbot Remix) [Runwest Records]
33. Roboteknic - Someplace Else [Sub Element Recordings]
34. Audiohazard - Searching [RUNE Black]
35. Blazer - Renegade (Charlie Kane Remix) [Neom Recordings]
36. Peter Paul - Welcome To My Realm [N-Mitysound Records]
37. Chevy One, Jay Lucco - Closer Falls [Neom Recordings]
38. Outer Pulse - Silk (BL1TZ Remix) [Brain Mapping Recordings]
39. Grove - Hit The Ground [Scarcity Records]
40. Under This - Moving Around [iBreaks]

Archive - Roughly 2 hours, 248MB
Direct Download - Disc Breaks with Llupa 'Best of 2013' - 274 - 26th December 2013
Podcast - Disc Breaks Podcast


Puedo Sentirlo (Llupa's Rolling Thunder Remix)

A new remix from me, this time putting a breaks twist on a prog house tune. Pretty happy with the results, hope you dig it.

Downgrooves - Puedo Sentirlo (Llupa's Rolling Thunder Remix) [Ellipitcal Sun Records]


DBS Chart: September 2013

Just posted up a new chart - so much great stuff out ATM it's hard to choose just 10, but here they are: